Riepler has a penchant for grooving, catchy, but heartfelt, tunes, as can be heard on his recent album Wild Life. The riff-based ‘Gillett Square Blues’ .... has a Miles-esque feel to it and sounds like it might have made the cut on one of that trumpeter’s stronger electric-period albums."

Graham Boyd, Jazzwise

Stephen Graham from Marlbank:

"**** recommended"

"... the tunes are mostly Riepler’s and they are extremely good: there’s no false impact to flirt with your senses. Flow and in the moment narrative is key. Chris Cheek’s tenor sax provides reflectively dreamy liquidy lines expertly gauged and relayed within the group interplay. There are no jutting-out edges to cut your ears but this is not complacent music at all, everything bleeds. "



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